2017-2018 Elected Officials

Chairperson- Andrew George

1st Vice-chair- Suzette Kingman-Lowery

2nd Vice-chair- Paula Smith

Secretary- Mike Bobalik

Treasurer- Judy Nelson

2017-2018 Committees

Ways and Means *
Chair Deb Bordner
Vice-Chair Suzette Kingman-Lowery Members- Judy Nelson, Krysti Boughton
ex officio  Andrew George

Precinct Organization*
Chair Paula Smith
Vice-Chair (Temp) Larry Welborn Members- Paula Smith, Deb Bordner, Judy Nelson, Jenny Fair, Deborah Painter, Suzette Kingman-Lowery
ex officio Andrew George

Political Organization
Chair Larry Welborn
Vice-Chair Kathlenn Brandon
ex officio Andrew George

Membership & Outreach *
Chair Carol Higgins
Vice-Chair Eddie LeBoeuf Members- Paula Smith
ex officio Andrew George

Communications *
Chair Coral Fry
Vice-Chair Eddie LeBoeuf Members- Krysti Boughton, Mike Bobalik
ex officio  Andrew George

Steering & By-­Laws *
Chair Dennis Smith
Vice-Chair Judy Nelson Members-Deb Bordner, Jenny Fair, Krysti Boughton, Eddie LeBoeuf
ex officio- Andrew George

*Chair Position qualifies incumbent as member of SJCD Executive Committee